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    are you relocating your office to another state or you are moving your home, Now its more easy with Star City Removals
    STAR CITY removals covered all most all the suburb of Sydney region you wanna know if we are already in your suburb too why not try STAR REMOVALIST + YOUR SUBURB NAME

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Questions that will give you answers that why would you choose our service and how we will serve during your job till that get done.

most of our customer feed confident to hire us again than why not you

  1. Why should a customer hire you over another service provider?

    We can beat any price with our professional service. We do free professional wrapping (see pictures attachments) We can come with 2 men and a truck. We acquired our experience from well-known companies which we used to worked for.we offer a high quality service during your move. No scratches to your furniture, doors and walls due to our professional wrapping. we are fast and time efficient. SCR – Star City Removalist Pty Ltd

  2. What experience, skills, qualifications or training do you have to make you the right person for the job?

    We acquired our experience from well-known companies which we used to work for (9 years experience); we offer a high quality service during your move. No scratches to your furniture, doors and walls as well as fast and time efficient. Companies we worked with before: 1. Citymove pty ltd 2007 – 2014 during this time we worked for Quick and easy removals pty lts, King and Wilson Removals and Storage pty ltd as well as Walkers Removals pty ltd. Star City Removalist Pty Ltd

  3. Is there a particular aspect of your trade or industry that you specialise in?

    we are specialized in all sorts of removal job such as: House removals Office removals Local and interstate removals Auction pick up (s) and Gumtree and eBay pick up (s

  4. How do you normally charge for your service?

    For local move our charge is based on hourly rate. however, sometime, we can come to the over to give the client a fixed quote for the whole move. For interstate, the charge is always per cubic meters.

  5. What makes your pricing competitive?

    Star City Removalist Pty Ltd offers the cheapest rate any client can get with its great service. Having more than 9 years experience with well-known companies, we acquired a top experience in our domain.

  6. How can a customer save money before you start the work?

    Our recommendation for you to save more money 1 man and 4.5 tonne truck (recommended for a small move). 2 men and 4.5 tonne truck (recommended for 2 bedrooms). 3 men and 4.5 tonne truck (recommended for 2 bedrooms when the client has a lot of items that can be lifted by 1 removalist such as boxes, bags… ). 10 tonne truck. (recommended for 3 – 4 bedrooms)

  7. What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

    Star City Removalist Pty Ltd will require from the clients before issuing the quote: 1. the list of the items to be moved 2. the access to the premises (via stairs, lift, from the street…) 3. Are the small and loose items are well packed in boxes?

  8. Are you an insured business and do you guarantee your work?

    Star City Removalist Pty Ltd has the following insurance: 1. Public Liability for the sum of $20,000,000 2. Transit insurance for the sum of $75,000 of your furniture With our professional wrapping we guarantee a 100% damage-free to your furniture, walls and doors

  9. What makes you the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

    Star City Removalist Pty Ltd removal team has a wide range of experience acquired from different well-known company we worked with before, that makes us most reliable company for the job. our punctuality and honesty makes us trustworthy for the job.

  10. What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?

    How many years of experience? Where did you work before? have you ever did a balcony lift? how do you wrap an item like a couch or a fridge?

  11. What questions do customers most commonly ask you and what is your answer?

    Q: Customers most often ask me about how long would the job take? A: I always ask them to tell me more about the access and the list of items they have got to assist them with more accurate estimation. Q: What is the size of the truck and would it fit our items in one load? A: Based on how many bedroom the client has and the list of the items as well, I have always been sending the right truck size to keep them happy.

  12. What do you like most about your job?

    I like most about my job is when I have a challenge to fit a couch through the door without scratching it due to my professional wrapping. or doing a balcony lift even to the 10th floor

  13. How did you decide to get into your line of work?

    I worked as an offsider – labor- for some days, I liked the work, was interested in it, and decided to start my own business as Removalist some months later.